In April 2015, the Minister for Creative Industries Martin Foley MP appointed the Creative Industries Taskforce to advise on the development of a creative industries strategy. The Taskforce brought together people with a diverse mix of skills and experience across different cultural and creative industry sectors, business and government.

From June to July 2015, the Taskforce undertook a broad public consultation process, drawing asking the creative industries sector and the wider public to respond to a Creative Industries Discussion Paper. Over 1,000 people attended consultation workshops. During the consultation process, this online platform recorded over 20,000 visits from 8,500 people, who submitted over 200 discussion responses and more than 350 ‘Post-it’ notes. A total of 225 written submissions were lodged independently. The Taskforce also received advice from an Expert Reference Group, comprising senior industry representatives with sector-specific expertise.

The consultation period drew great ideas, thought-provoking discussions and robust debate, and all contributions were greatly appreciated. A report summarising the inputs from the consultation is available for download here.

Weighing the suggestions and advice of all those who contributed to the process, the Taskforce has produced a report with specific recommendations for the Victorian Government’s Creative Industries Strategy. The report includes five focus areas with recommendations for 42 proposed initiatives for the Government to consider.

A consistent message from Victorians was that our cultural and creative industries have great strengths and that future approaches to these industries should be bold and decisive. The Taskforce aims to meet those expectations. They aim to ensure Victoria retains and grows its leading role in the cultural and creative industries in an increasingly globalised and disrupted world.

The Creative Industries Taskforce Report is now available to read.

Initiatives within the report were open for feedback in late 2015 and the feedback received can still be viewed on this site.

Read the Creative Industries Taskforce Report

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