The content below helped to inform the Creative Strategy Consultation process. This process has now closed, however we are now taking feedback on the Creative Strategy Taskforce Report.

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MSO playing in front of a large audience at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl

MSO Free concerts at the Myer Music Bowl.
Photo: David Simmonds

In an increasingly international and competitive context, Victorian content and product need to connect with markets and audiences - it is critical to the success of Victoria’s practitioners and creative businesses. It enables them to generate revenue, while strengthening their practice or product offering. It goes to the heart of building vibrant and sustainable creative and cultural industries.

Market demand and conditions fluctuate and consumers are highly discerning and demanding. There is plenty of competition for their discretionary time and dollars; and technology has provided a means for anyone to curate, even co-create, their own cultural content and products.

For Victorian creative practitioners and businesses, whether profit-making or not, the markets and competition for products and services are local and global.

Collaboration will be critical to growing audiences and markets. Creative and cultural practitioners and organisations can join forces to develop new works, each standing to benefit from exposure to the other’s audience base. Technology and collaboration also allow for repurposing of existing products for new audiences. For example, artforms that have been around for centuries, such as theatre or opera, can now be ‘consumed’ in new ways, through collaborations between media outlets, producers and performing arts organisations.

Access is important. It is time to explore new ways to reach, and appeal to audiences anywhere, from all different backgrounds and of different ages, ability and skill.

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