The content below helped to inform the Creative Strategy Consultation process. This process has now closed, however we are now taking feedback on the Creative Strategy Taskforce Report.

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people gathering in a large outdoor space

Next Wave launch at Testing Grounds

The depth and diversity of our creative spaces is one of Victoria’s great competitive strengths. They are a source of civic pride and help shape our identity. They cultivate connections between people and place and also between audience and artists. They are critical to Victoria’s reputation as a creative place to live and do business, and as a cultural tourism destination.

The creative and cultural industries thrive when they are supported by accessible, connected and inspiring places to develop and present work. We can see this from the artist-run galleries peppering Melbourne’s laneways to regional co-working hubs, from pop-up spaces to iconic buildings, including State Library Victoria and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

Affordable, suitable space is crucial if artists and creative entrepreneurs are to prosper. Local creative clusters can invigorate places, while also encouraging collaboration and cross-pollination. Those who grow ‘natural’ cultural assets from within, such as communities and industries, need to be supported in their efforts. On the other hand, established institutions need to maximise the value of their assets, and generate enough revenue to sustain their physical spaces.

Many of our buildings are aging and all require ongoing maintenance just to remain operational. This cumulative need is increasingly outweighing funding capacity. This leads to a tension between the demand for new facilities, the need to maintain and upgrade our existing facilities and the capacity to explore innovative new spaces and models.

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