The content below helped to inform the Creative Strategy Consultation process. This process has now closed, however we are now taking feedback on the Creative Strategy Taskforce Report.

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Digital technology provides opportunities for content creation, business improvement, market analysis, collaboration and access to broader markets. With new tools and platforms, technology is both deeply disruptive and creatively enabling and new distribution platforms create opportunities to grow revenue streams and expand audiences.

Some forms of media, such as digital games and ‘born digital’ works of art, only exist by virtue of technology. Older forms, including film, television, music and literature, can now be made, enhanced or distributed in new ways, fundamentally challenging old business models.

The way audiences access and engage with creative content are also fundamentally changing, driven by ‘digital natives’ who demand more choice, more access and lower cost service. They create their own content through online communities, produce work in new forms, collaborate to complete tasks, creating new knowledge and shaping the flow of media.

Digital technologies pose both challenges and opportunities - markets are no longer geographic, but global, cross cutting and converging.

Digital disruption has also opened new avenues for finance through, for example, crowd funding websites such as Kickstarter and Pozible. Creative and cultural businesses need to have the skills to prepare and plan ahead to maximise the opportunities presented.

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