The content below helped to inform the Creative Strategy Consultation process. This process has now closed, however we are now taking feedback on the Creative Strategy Taskforce Report.

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A dancer against an orange backdrop

Photo: Damian Vincenzi

Victoria’s unique Aboriginal arts and culture is based on tens of thousands of years of continual cultural practice. A significant opportunity exists to improve how we value and support Victoria’s diverse Aboriginal creative and cultural expression, especially our unique South-East Australian Aboriginal art and culture.

There has been overall growth in the Victorian Aboriginal arts, cultural and creative sector over the past ten years. Equally there has been an increase in cultural reclamation and the valuing of that revival. A number of Aboriginal artists have emerged or consolidated their careers. Performing artists in dance, music, theatre and opera have stepped on to the international stage and we have a strong visual arts community. New Aboriginal arts organisations and businesses have started and others have experienced rapid expansion in their activity and profile both nationally and Internationally. Together they have the potential to contribute to a diverse and uniquely Victorian creative offering.

There is a growing interest in Aboriginal creative and cultural expression and experiences more broadly in the community, including from international tourists. This environment presents a rich opportunity, however further efforts are needed to develop, and raise the profile of, Victoria’s unique Aboriginal arts and culture as distinct from other parts of Australia.

There is also a growing awareness of the unique benefits of participation in creative and cultural activity for Aboriginal Victorians, such as cultural maintenance, cultural pride, confidence, social bonding and economic outcomes.

Aboriginal artists and organisations share the common challenges of viability faced by others within the creative and cultural industries. However they also experience additional challenges, including the need for greater appreciation of Victoria’s Aboriginal arts and culture within the broader community, community strengthening expectations, appropriate employment and professional development strategies and funding models that adequately address the needs of the sector.

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